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DVD_CONTENT & listen/view examples

//:anchortronic presentation - at Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana in the course of RE:LOCACTION 5th june -/04 – 25 July04 Bucharest/Romania

//:anchortronic presentation - at the gene siskel filmcenter in the course of Sound Field Festival 12th and 15th october 2003/Chicago - USA

//:anchortronic presentation - this is not art 6th october 2003/Newcastle - England

//:anchortronic presentation in combination with a paranoia engine - garage festival 25th july - 3rd august 2003 /Stralsund - Germany

//:anchortronic presentation - cameraobscura 5th may 2003 /Sydney - Ausralia

//:anchortronic presentation - plug and play 16th march 2003 /London - England

//:anchortronic presentation - hiri musikak 8th march 2003 /San Sebastian - Spain

//:anchortronic presentation - kapu 20th december 2002 /Linz - Austria

//:anchortronic presentation - steirischer herbst 24th october to 24th november 2002 /Graz - Austria

//:anchortronic/pre-presentation - time`s up laboratories 27th december 2001 /Linz - Austria

//:anchortronic/pre-presentation -! 26th-27th october 2001 /Linz - Austria

//:anchortronic: first 3D laboratory - 12th-17th december 2000 /at Time`s Up Linz - Austria

The DVD is in the house and hopefully in a recordstore in the near of you. If not feel free to contact us: We want to thank all the participants and everybody who gave us direct, indirect, physical and mental support. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming activities in the fields of updated experimental sound.

//:some re-/previews so far://

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