Closing the loop endures a phase change, a split. Working from a basis in biomechanical experiments using the axes of control and perception as adjustables, we started to look at ways in which the human biomechanical unit could be effected and affected by the permutations of its streams. Special events included the double-unit experiments with Yuri, where interpersonal relations were dealt with to a degree. 2000 signalled a broadening of the spectrum, looking at the usage of the internet connectivity possibilities in the intestices between units, developing experiments and demonstrations of the network space and performance, action and reaction therein.

CTL2000 has been documented, see here for details. Next event is TransCodecExpress in June 2002. It is a part of the Transient Series.


1998 saw the series of experiments under the moniker CTL98, a row of situationistic biomechanical investigations primarily taking place at the Time's Up Laboratories in Linz.

A series of experiments made in 1999, including work on perception in visual snow, audio-visual cross synchronisation, labyrinth spaces and body mounted interfaces has only been loosely documented.

The year 2000 began with a new series of experiments in the Time's Up outpost in Port Adelaide. Dubbed CTL2000, this series investigated the loop-closing properties of virtual spaces, collaboration in networked environments, the physics of a distributed simulation. The laboratory was not, however limited to this venue and time, experiments throughout the year will keep the process of investigation current and active. The main results have been the series of Transient experiments and other reseach documented here.

Closing the Loop 2001

Closing the Loop 2001 involves both the network and physical aspects of previous CtLs. A Transient event by the name of Dust will take place on the 29th of May. The Lisbon laborators will take place at the end of June. Follow up experiments are slotted in for July and August in the harborside laboratories here in Linz and in conenction with practitioners elsewhere. Collaborations with FoAM, V2_Lab and other innovative research stations are being planned and laid out, where we will begin the plan to connect everything to everything else.

Closing the Loop 2000

The main thrust of Closing the Loop 2000 is a project aimed at investigating the effectiveness of techniques for net based collaboration. The Loop involved is that between two or more active participants, their vectors of transmission aimed at one another, the loop involved leading to a collaborative process. Documentation and details here.

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