TIME`S UP PARTICIPATION AT THE NO MUSIC tournament 002 in April 2002

((NOMUSIC))) 24h non-stop / 09>10 april 2OO2

[1]_: brbrbrbrbrbrbrbr
[1]_: hfhfhfhfgfhfgfh brbr brbr btbt btbt bzbz bzbz
[1]_: aztr artz artz atrz aztr aztr atazataz ataratar aztrtztr aztraztr
[1]_: avatar avatar avatarrr avavattarr
[4]Q: brachial bring bring bringer ger der wer sehr nerd
[1]_: running about in the means of not having the ffffffffffaintest
[1]_: ssss ssss ssjkjss ssss shsh sghztzhg shzhzh shzuztzus hztuttgh
[1]_: shiatzu
[1]_: zz--tt--rr--tt-- zz--tt--rr--tt-- zz--zz--zz--zz-- rr--rr--tt--rrtt
[1]_: ggrrggttggzzggtt gttttttt gztrztrztr gzzgttgrrgtt
[4]Q: ssssssssssssss hhhhhhhhhhhh bbbbbbbbbb beat beat beat bae
[4]Q: sb sb sbs sbs hhhhh sb sb grt grt grt grt
[4]Q: sb sb sbs sbs hhhhh sb sb grt grt grt grt
[1]_: bsssbsssbsbsbsss
[4]Q: sb sb sbs sbs hhhhh sb sb grt grt grt grt
[1]_: bbbbbbbb bbbbbbb bbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
[1]_: bbbbbbbs sssssss bbbbbbbbb ssssssssss
[4]Q: bababilo babi babiloo babai bbbbbbbbb hhhhhhhh g±ÊÄ@

18h00/06:00pm - Time's up [Linz - Austria]


it's not about music...it's not even really about

sound....it's the worst text to speech converter in the world.


join Time`s Up protoscientists as they wallow in the

confusion of inadequate text to speech conversions.

video streaming not necessary;

telnet to the world famous chat.test.at,
jump to channel 'nomusic' and join the melee.
Tune your streaming receivers to:
during the final hour

(18:00-19:00 Central Euro Time on 10 April 2002) or link up to

beating against the confines of representation in monochrome online worlds, this attempt to make the sound of the word apparent is brave, malicious and bound to fail. the snorting grunts of consonants, ringing tones of vowels, glitching punctuation marks and missing phonemes compound into a maddening skreetch of noise.