TransCodecExpress is a two day event for public experiments with streaming and other network based communication, collaborations and manipulation techniques.

To start with, we had a call for proposals for people wishing to take part.

The general structure of the first evening will be a series of small or not so small public experiments taking place in the surround-sound and visually immersive space of the MediaDeck at the OK - Center for Contemporary Art /Linz. Parallel to, and intermingled with these, there will be a Transient net.loop taking place.

hear it : or as link :

See TransCodecExpress as PDF in detail

Ivan Pope

Ivan Pope graduated from Goldsmiths1 College, University of London Fine Art in 1990. He has since worked with a series of digital and analogue projects and events. The main concern of Pope1s work is with the elision of digital with analogue, our ability to drift between the two, and the effect of taking work back and forth between digital and analogue. Pope has worked continuously as an individual and as part of a group since 1990. He has also worked as a teacher, consultant and manager within Internet and new media. Online works include ?The Last Words of Dutch Schultz1, a web project in 1993 through many groundbreaking online works. In 1993 Pope published the first UK Internet magazine, The World Wide Web Newsletter and went on to launch .net magazine in the UK. 1994 Pope created the world1s first Cybercafe for the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.

From 1990 to 1997 Pope worked with Loophole Cinema, a multimedia collective who made and installed site specific installation/performances around Europe, culminating with the Symposium of Shadows in 1996. He currently works with Tochki Inc., a partnership formed to explore the use of commonplace technology for large scale art events. Currently funded project is Keep Printing Live! ( Pope1s individual work spans the history of the Internet from 1988 to present. Pope1s personal web site is at Recent and current work includes ?n/e/w/s that1s news to me1 at and Generatives


Croatian-Australian-Elsewhere group, getting into language free spaces, pan European cultural exchange and gestural manipulation. Work based extensively upon the intertwinedness of language, body, speech, sound and visual ephemera as they reach the breaking point of syntactic/systematic reutilisation.

"fiddling with this speech->text->gurglerauchen loop also at the moment, after discoveriung a nice endianness bug in rsynth, which results in gargled noise spewing from this archaic unix voice snythesis system when it runs on ppc., (loop, loop , destructomat)"

Joreg Diessl

another addict to tunes who fails gracefully everytime he tries to create a visual reflection of what he cannot even cope with accoustically.

Jeremy Hicks

Jeremy Hicks sound artist, has been probing the various control possibilities of analogue synthesizers in New Zealand and Australia since 1982. He has worked in collaboration with such artists as Stelarc, Derek Kreckler (sound), Retarded Eye (film) and Company In Space (interactive dance). Jeremy is a long term member of the sound performance group "Enargeia" and a new solo project "Wild Weasel". He recently participated in Closing The Loop 2000 in Adelaide, Australia, and the BioMachines industrial art festival.


Online Live broadcasting - A thing like a Dynacord that streams. Audio hardware for the 21st c.OLIVE is an "artificial" word for Online-LIVE-broadcasting.It is a stable, easy-to-use program-package for streaming (=broadcasting) live-audio in/to the internet using existing compress-algorithms like mp3. With other words, OLIVE is an internet-radio-sending-station especially designed for use within various/different locations (with different networks, etc.). See OLIVE in action: you can see OLIVE in action, watch out for the red-LIVE-buton. A program you can find for now on.

Roman Ganhör cultivates and welcomes you to the ease of streaming ...]

Aleksandra Ristanovic


The project is based on a gaming look and feel. A train, Eurostar, built in 3D is dynamically moving through the virtual landscape. The dynamic use of the camera creates the feel of a racing game but is also suggesting a status of a moving standstill (which is the actual situation of the work as the train is standing still at all times and the illusion of the movement is made by moving the setup of the environment and the camera. This is revealed through the tweaks in the scene that show the real situation).

The environment is a 3D gaming landscape, empty of any artificial code and defined as the space of Europe, using a map which shows the exact position of the train on it. This project is a multi-user project. A group of people are correlating connected by internet. They all have the possibility to change the direction of the train's movement by clicking on the mouse's left, right, up or down button, which moves the train to the east (right) , west (left), north (up) or south (down). At each click on the viewer's (participant's) mouse, the direction of the train is slightly modified and the map is updated thus repositioning the train. The starting point is the geographical center of Europe. Train's movement is constant, its direction defined by the users. All the users that are online will be able to influence the train's movement. Their choice of direction will go through a ãvotingä system which will be decided by the majority of users, calculated and updated every 2 seconds creating a virtual community with the community consciousness. The map of Europe is being inverted (mirrored), and thus the east and the west do not correlate to the notion of the geographical space of Europe as we know it. The notion of space is tweaked and the viewer (participant) will find the map familiar but would have to rethink the space they take for granted.


is a networked environment for production and development of transient experimental setups living in and on the matter provided and generated by computer networks and their user of varying locality and dissemination.

definition at other times may be contradictory.

activities so far include among others:

-participation in the DeMuDi project (
-development of miscellaneous fringe application softwares
-development for http//
-performance at sounds+files exhibition vienna, 2001
-pieces at diagonale, graz, austria 2000+2001
-performance at biennale, venice, italy 2001
-compliancy in several multiway network streaming incidents
-support of and home for groups and organisations such as epy,
fuckhead, pure, trust, farmersmanual,, dr. echtzeit, &c ...

> -- XD V · O r G
-- [ ± ® µ 5 ± · å ± | | 5 µ ¶ 3 ® µ 5 3 ® · ± 3 5 ± · å ± ]

Tapegerm collective

Allover, Israel through Sweden.

Tapegerm began as an experiment with re-mixing hometaper music at and quickly evolved to embrace and infect the Web. Like a living organism, there is no central organization, no founder, the membership is continually evolving and each member is equally important to the life of the whole. Tapegerm artists create `Germs", musical loops that spread, multiply, and mutate, and assemble them into musical collages.

Kato Sawako

Far East. Kato Sawako is a young sound, video and media-artist from Japan. her works with audiofeedback are highly appreciated from international improvising musicians. For TCE she is going to do a live sound mixing/processing session with the title “every day” that follows an algorithm and will be topped off by images (video+pictures in tokyo in real time) kato sawako works within the staff of [FUTUR] Fabrice Hybert in spiralTV (Spiral,Tokyo) and is a member of Christopher Penrose lab in San Franciso-- DSP


Presented by the Minister for This and the Minister for That. deals with the interchangeable values of language and sound-it's a texttool converting words to linear associated pieces of akustic descriptions for thoughts. it enables users to play with the relativity of communication and it's repercussions on different levels of perception, a transformation of thoughts and statements into repetitive patterns of listenable subjects.

Dr Mutt's Golden Stream

Prof. Puzzi Pissoir born 1947 Paris Studied proctology at the University of Pisa and has a degree in philosophy from the University of Philadelphia. She is currently private consultant for the Society of Professional Proctology in Potsdam.

Dr. Dick Draino born 1949 Dallas Studied dermatology and demographics in Detroit. He is currently Director of Domestic Affairs for the city of Dijon.

Together, Dr. D. & Prof. P. have coined the term "streaming media" on a rafting trip to Salto Angel in Canaima, Venezuela in 1976. They are best known for their streaming events in South East Asia and for their spontanious performances in various locations.

Stijn Slabbinck

The Scratchrobot is an installation based on two turntables, a computer and a robot-arm. input of text will be analyzed and then turned into signals that control the robot. they make it scratch a series of sounds, which are recorded and sent them back into the public space of the Mediendeck. For TCE the scratchrobot will be controlled by a text-based virtual space and reacts on the chatting people. the spectators are invited to interact with the system by activating the robot with their personal input. Every chat input will result in a unique sound.Stijn Slabbinck graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gent where he studied 3d-multimedia. Two years ago, he founded the company SPESS, which provides technical support for events, film and theater productions. Slabbinck has always been particularly interested in VJ-performances, automation and special effects, which consequently exerted great influence on his latest work.

Alex Davies

Immersive spaces, foldfish, streaming nonsense of all sorts. Alex Davies is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. His work spans a diverse range of different media ranging from film, digital media, audio visual manipulations and installations. The last few years has seen a focus on various aspects of acoustics including dabblings into the bioeffects of sound and spatialised audio environments. See for more information.

Jesse Gilbert

Jesse Gilbert is a western-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and software engineer who has developed an extensive body of work centering around aspects of improvisation and cross-disciplinary collaboration, with a focus on networks and new media. His work has been presented widely in the U.S. and Europe.