A Balanced Act at KIBLA/SLOVENIA

February, 28th - March, 8th

A Balanced Act at KIBLA / Maribor, Slovenia

An Investigation of the balancing body and its mass situated in a gravitational field. We visit KIBLA to continue our field research on gravity and balance.

Following the imperatives of whole body interaction, Time's Up presents an evening's environment where balance, the most deeply intrinsic of the bodies senses, is the primary interface. Not only the game-spaces of interaction, also the immersive audiovisual environment, take over the space of KIBLA for an evening of tightly balanced acts.

Following the recent controversial measurement of the speed of gravity, (Nature vol 421 Jan 2003 p 198) Time's Up's protoscientific situation study group has implemented a systematic set of interaction directions to allow the public individual to personally experience the effects of the finite speed of gravity and the resulting gravitional waves first hand. Or rather, first body; the whole interaction metaphor relies upon the use of the entire body weight to balance and counterbalance movement and action.

Join them for an evening of balanced acts, actions and interactions where the gravity of the situation gets completely essential.

Prop Postcard form KIBLA is here.

Watch a short Sensory Circus v.0.1 Video from there.

Technical Background and Schema in Deutsch and English.

Fotos from the situation

Pre-beta Systemic Bar and Mood visualisation

Pre-beta Systemic Bar and Mood visualisation

Pre-beta Systemic Bar and Mood visualisation

Sonic Pong