Data Ecologies Workshop

Data Ecologies - 31st October 2009


Data Ecologies '09 is the fourth in a series that deals with the ways that real and abstracted systems interrelate. This year we are looking at money (as an abstraction) and value (as something real). Questions arise such as the use of money, how investments and maintenance of non-money assets work, the way that interest breaks with ideas of real value and the different ways that value can be translated into the abstraction of money. The symposium examines several perspectives, from the formal system science point of view and the ideas around Collapsonomics, investigating economic and state systems at the edge of their normal function, various approaches as to alternative forms of work and payment and the progressive field of complementary currencies.


We have included recordings of the talks recorded from the stream. The quality is okay, but not fantastic. Where possible we have added copied of the slides that the speakers used so as to let you see what they are pointing at in more detail. Please contact us or them for further details!

Sally Goerner

Video Part 1 and Video Part 2 with Slides

Dougald Hine

Video Part 1 and Video Part 2 with no slides because he used a Prezzie!

Frithjof Bergmann

Incomplete Video (we are trying to get the rest from a DV tape) with Slides

Karl Svozil

Video with his Paper on ArXiv.

Ludwig Schuster

Video with his slides.

The Workshop will take place at the FoAM spaces in Brussels, as a part of the EU Culture 2000 Project gRiG. Participation is open to all, please register so we know about numbers.

The Workshop will start at 11:00 am and run through until 17:00. Lunch will be available to registered participants.

For any enquiries please contact

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