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Next DORKBOT Linz, number 0101 for 30 April 2009 at Time's Up featuring the
results of the Klangmaschinen Workshop. Dorkbot 0110 will also be at the Time's Up
labs on the 6th of May featuring the results of the workshop with Staalplaat.
DorkBot 0111 (June 2009) is taking shape: some speakers already in the bag.
Contact tb [at] timesup [dot] org if you want to present, or for all other details.

Dorkbot Linz 0100. Dorkbot Linz 0011. For older meeting info, please click here


6 May at 8pm at Time's Up Laboratories.

The line up will be based upon the work of participants
in the Staalplaat Dead Machines workshop together with servus.at

Images from this and the last workshop here


30 April at 8pm at Time's Up Laboratories.

The line up will be all student works.
The order will be drawn on the night.

Images from this and other MayHEM events here


Here are some photos from the Dorkbot Linz meeting on 02.26.2009 at Krebs.

Dorkboard Feb. 26th

Dorkboard was put up during the dorkbot linz meeting on 26th Feb. Everyone can announce their wish to share the knowledge. Offers are written in green, and asking for knowledge is written in red. If you find a match, you can contact them by email.

What is dorkbot?

"dorkbot" is a community for "people doing strange things with electricity." Dorkbot was started in New York in 2000 and has been springing up around the world. Each dorkbot is different and is driven by the needs and interests of people in the local community.
We hope that Dorkbot-Linz becomes a platform for people "doing strange things with electricity" to "show off" their projects, network with others and shear their knowledge.