Fall 02

TIMEíS UP in the fall 02

September, 22th - 29th
Generative Media Systems
Workshop with F0am and Interactive Institute in our laboratory. *

October, 24th - November, 24th
Anchortronic at Steirischer Herbst
Hear and see Anchortronicís 5.1 DVD at the Medienturm in Graz/Austria.

October, 28th - November, 2nd
Realtime processing - audiovisual Environments
Workshop in Hongkong/China.

November, 15th - 30th
Sonic Pong in Hongkong
Field Research with Sonic Pong at Microwave Festival in Hongkong/China.

Public Balance Experiences
Be a guinea pig! Email to guineapig@timesup.org to take part.

* With the support of the Culture 2000 Programme of the European Union