Winter 01/02

Time's Up winter programme 2001 / 2002
Industriezeile 33b, 4020 Linz, Austria

Thu. 29th Nov. 01, 19:00
BodySpin - Explore your own bodily functions in SPIN, the Spherical Projection Interface. Once again presented in Linz, with an introduction by Time's Up.

Thu. 27th Dec. 01, 20:00
Anchortronic - Composition with 5.1 surround sound audio systems. Hear what A. Berthling (SWE),
M. Strohmann (AUT), C. Fortescue (AUS), C. Fennesz (AUT), Zeitblom (GER), TV Pow (USA), Goem (NL), Stilluppsteypa (ICE) and Alex Davies (AUS) did to the computer in our new rooms in the first floor.

Thu. 10th Jan. 02, 19:00
SPIN Public Experiments - New insights in virtual spaces have been developed in workshops. Become a guinea pig and a scientist at once in one of the new experimental SPIN virtual environments.