SPIN - Spherical Projection INterface

SPIN is a Virtual Reality device designed by the Laboratory for the Construction of Experimental Situations Time's Up. Time's Up utilises SPIN for public experiments like BodySPIN++.

Prop Folder of the Spherical Projection Interface: [English] - [Deutsch].

SPIN is a three meter diameter translucent sphere supported on bearings allowing it to roll in all directions. The client can walk inside the sphere, which rotates beneath their feet, their movements tracked. This motion is then transferred to a virtual space and the images from that virtual space are projected upon the walls of the sphere, so that the client is inside the space. The term "walk through" obtains real meaning at last.

Over the last few years Time's Up has assembled a variety of innovative devices, designed to help bridge the gap between virtual and physical environments. We are aiming for a close correlation between virtual and physical worlds. Even though we like the dinky glasses and the spacy helmets, we also find them a hindrance for our purposes. We want a most natural way to take our physical body into this world and use as many of its capabilities as possible. Thus SPIN, the Spherical Projection Interface.

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