Tactical Media

Sometimes when coming off the field all sweaty and exhausted from another hypercompetitive exercise we cannot help but ask ourselves what it's all about, apart from the game and the fans themselves. It maybe a hooligan or a referee out of line that triggers something in us and makes us all childish again and question the rules, or the making of the rules, rather. For changing the rules would be too easy, we do it everyday, at least for ourselves.
Early on in the childhood of some of our coaches, this was called "the system" and people trying to change it saw themselves as "the revolutionaries".
This is not quite where we are heading, knowing all too well that we are NOT living in a postcapitalist environment and that certain rules DO apply.
But in knowing this we also apply our set of rules to our competitors.
Sometimes the local Billy Club (i.e. the police) decide to expand their job description, thus becoming a very lopsided team of referees and we have to call in our own set of judges; the Tactical Media Department.
Those fellows and felines won't start playing an easy game of checkers, instead they bring out a set of their hypercompetitive gamecards.

Book of Rules

The ABC of Tactical Media

by David Garcia and Geert Lovink

Game cards

The Silencer Satellite

The perfect pacifier in case of emergency. Makes even the loudest Hooligan shut up.


Linz, Sept.26,1997

As witnessed by Malt A. Lone

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